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The intelligent and dynamic way to drive a hybrid.

With the technology by BMW EfficientDynamics, BMW continues to set standards where dynamics and efficiency are concerned. The BMW ActiveHybrid models are excellent examples of this: intelligent energy management guarantees the perfect interaction of combustion engine and electrical motor.

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Performance Hybrid

The electrical motors and combustion engines in the BMW ActiveHybrid models work in perfect harmony and are supported by a lithium-ion high-performance battery. The interplay of components is coordinated via an intelligent hybrid system and the result is the highest level of efficiency and dynamics.

How it works


Intelligent energy management

The intelligent energy management of the BMW ActiveHybrid models has a far-sighted approach. The optimum operational strategy is selected for all on-board systems and every driving situation. Navigation data is employed to coordinate the use of combustion engine and electrical motor as well as the lithium-ion high-performance battery. 

Optimal interaction between combustion engine and electrical motor

Purely electrical driving and gliding

Automatic anticipatory driving


Electrically dynamic

BMW is a pioneer in the automobile industry: the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 is the first fully-fledged hybrid vehicle in the compact sport sedan premium segment worldwide. Based on the BMW 3 Series Sedan, this is an extraordinary vehicle that impresses with powerful dynamics as well as highest efficiency.

Efficient dynamics at their best

The BMW ActiveHybrid 5 boasts inspiring driving performance and enormous power development. At the same time, its intelligent energy management means maximum efficiency and allows fuel savings in the double-digit percentage region compared to the BMW 5 Sedan without hybrid technology.

Elegance and driving pleasure at their most efficient

A masterpiece of engineering design as well as a prime example of maximum comfort, elegant performance and pure driving pleasure – this is the BMW ActiveHybrid 7. And thanks to technological advancements, it’s also able to impress with futuristically high efficiency.
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